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Since 1993

About J and K Studios

JandK Art Studio is the husband and wife team of arts who focus primarily on the art of the miniature. They use mixed media and miniaturist methodologies to produce pieces that tell a story and bring the viewer in.
While their primary focus is on scale miniature productions, they also produce various sculpture and historical reproduction.
Their work tends to focus on the interface between the natural world and the man made world. They find those collusion to be compelling and meaningful even though these interfaces are often considered dirty or throw away. Unlike other miniaturist, they do not try to create an idea world in miniature, but rather seek to depict the gritty world as it is in art. The scope of work also includes horror and fantasy especially as it revolves around the themes of nature and human attempts to control nature.
Their work tends to eclectically take influence from the miniatures, model building, and sculpting worlds. They use the methods and techniques practiced by plastic model enthusiasts, model ship builders, dollhouse artisians, war game painters, sculptures, painters and even forgers. Much of their joy in art comes from scientific experimentation and testing and modifying methods to get the exact right look.
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Gallary of Art

See the pieces we have produced!

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